What have Dudley Green Party ever done for you?

Dudley Green Party became a local Party in July 2009. Since that time we have been involved in several campaigns and taken on over 1000 pieces of casework for residents.


We have campaigned against;

- Post Office closures  Council protest

- Part-privatisation of the Post Office

- Dangerous emissions from Lister Road incinerator

- Government cuts

- Council cuts

- Library closures

- Private Finance Initiatives (private companies profiting from those who use hospital car parks)


Contact with the Council

Cllr Will Duckworth, for Netherton, Woodside and St Andrew's has achieved many successes working on behalf of residents in the ward. He has helped by contacting the council about : Will BW

- getting council houses up to the Decent Homes Standard

- filling pot holes

- replacing badly fitting windows

- broken doors and fences.

- litter

- rat infestations

- the installation of grit bins

- wheelchair ramps


Police And Community  Together

Will attends regular PACT meetings with the police and has raised the following issues with them: Police car

- safe parking near schools

- mini-motos on the parks

- antisocial behaviour



20's Plenty for Us

Many residents have expressed concerns about traffic noise, pollution and safety when crossing the road. Dudley Green Party are currently consulting people living in Netherton and Woodside on a 20mph speed limit. 20's Plenty

For more information on the effects of a 20mph speed limit see: http://www.20splentyforus.org.uk/ 

Let us know your thoughts ! Email Will Duckworth on:



Tenants and Residents

Cllr Duckworth attends the meetings of several Tenants and Rresidents Associations as one way of keeping informed of what the current concerns of the area are.


Friends of Netherton Park

Will is a member of the Friends of Netherton Park and has been involved in many of the improvements to the park as well as the annual Fun Day.

Friends of Netherton