Green Party name Francis Sheppard Candidate for St Thomas's By-election

23 January 2017

Francis Sheppard

The Green Party have selected Francis Sheppard to fight the by-election in St Thomas's ward, following the resignation of a Labour councillor.

Francis runs the popular independent bookshop 'Saturday Books' on Tower St in Dudley town centre, he provides local artists with workshop space, and puts on much-needed cultural events in Dudley. Francis has also served as secretary on two Dudley TRAs over the years.

Francis explained his reasons for stepping forward: "I'm really excited by the opportunity to represent the people of St Thomas's. I've watched for many years with sadness as the area has been neglected and the community left behind."

"I worked closely with the popular Green Party councillor Will Duckworth, in nextdoor Netherton, Woodside and St Andrews, and I was inspired by his dedication, and just how respected he was by local residents for his commitment and hard work. If elected, I promise to serve St Thomas's with everything I've got, in just the same way."

Chair of Dudley Green Party, Andi Mohr said: "Francis is a fantastic candidate and I'd certainly be delighted to have him as my councillor. He's a caring, honorable man and St. Thomas's couldn't ask for a better person for the job."

"In these times of political change, it's really important that we have a Green voice on Dudley Council, to hold Labour to account. If you've had enough of the same old parties, then vote Green on Feb 16th, and let's get Francis speaking up positively for St. Thomas's at the Council."

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