Green Party's Andi Mohr invited to appear on 'Dragon's Den' panel by National Citizen Service

26 July 2016

Andi Mohr

Andi Mohr, co-chair of Dudley Green Party - was recently invited by the National Citizen Service (NCS) to Wolverhampton University to join a 'Dragon's Den' panel of judges, made up of various local community leaders.

NCS run schemes for young people between 15 and 17, that aim to develop their talents and give them interesting challenges - giving them a taste of projects and activities they might never otherwise experience.

After some outdoor activities and volunteer work, the young people work in teams to sketch out, then plan and execute a project to raise awareness of some local issue in the community.

Each proposal must be presented to a group of 'Dragons' who scrutinise the ideas presented by the teams and assess the likelihood of the team's success.

The Dragons decide - are they in or out? Winning teams are granted a small amount of money to carry out their proposal.

Andi said "It was a really fun day working with the young people and seeing them showcase their ideas. There were a lot of bright kids on show.

"One of the things I'll always remember is how much passion I saw from the young people in wanting to raise awareness for some of the most vulnerable people in our society - elderly folk and people with mental health difficulties. It was a privilege to be a part of."

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