Will Duckworth, Councillor for Netherton, Woodside & St Andrews Stepping Down in May

12 April 2016

Cllr Will Duckworth

Will Duckworth - Green Party Councillor for Netherton, Woodside & St Andrews, is stepping down at the forthcoming local elections on 5th May 2016.

Will has served the local community for decades - he taught at Hillcrest School in Netherton for more than 20 years before helping to set up Dudley Green Party back in 2009. Will was elected to Dudley Council in 2012 - the Green Party's first ever councillor elected in the Black Country.

From 2012 to 2014, Will served as Deputy Leader of the national Green Party and was the lead candidate for the West Midlands at the 2014 European elections.

Will says: "After working for the people of Netherton and Woodside along with two other local Councillors I have decided not to stand for the Council again this year.

"I have attended hundreds of evening meetings, which I have greatly enjoyed. There have been full council meetings and committee meetings, Tenants and Residents Association meetings as well as Community Forums, police meetings and various other groups organised to help the local area. There have been so many meetings that sometimes I have had to send my apologies to three meetings in one night so I could attend a fourth.

"But the most useful and interesting part of the job has been the work I have done for individual people in the area. From organising a petition to get pedestrians a crossing at a dangerous crossroads, getting double glazing and central heating installed for tenants, to problems with neighbours, to dog mess on pavements, pot holes in the road, bins needing to be emptied, and one resident who couldn't operate their washing machine.

"I have now tackled thousands of problems, with varying degrees of success, but always trying to help the people who live in our area.

"During this time I have never claimed any expenses for anything and have always done my best. I hope that Bill McComish will be allowed to continue the work I have been doing over the last four years.

Dudley Green Party would like to put on record our immense gratitude to Will and his wife Vicky for all the countless hours of hard work they've both put into their time with us. We wish them all the best in the future!

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